Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY paint chip art

After a friend sent me a couple of links to some paint chip art images found on Pinterest, I was so excited to try my hand at my own!  We are decorating the guest bedroom (in one week!!) in gray and yellow, black and white, with a modern funky feel.  I knew I wanted to do two flower images to put above the bed, on either side of a "Every little t'ing is gonna be alright" canvas.  So off to walmart and home depot we went!  Here's the step-by-step instructions.


  • paint samples (I grabbed 5 different colors - shades of yellows, and gray; about 15-20 sheets per color)
  • 1.5" oval paper punch (Joanns, $9 with a 40% off coupon!)
  • 12 x 12" cardstock (2 sheets), or whatever size you want to make it
  • 12x12" shadowbox frame (2 frames)
  • glue dots (1/2" size)
  • "sticky-doos" - raised foam adhesive dots
  • pencil compass
Step 1: Punching party!  Using the oval paper punch, punch out all your "petals".  Depending on the size of the flower, you'll want probably 50-200 dots of each color.  I was able to punch 6-7 dots out of each paint sample. Keep each color separate, in a pile together.

Step 2: Draw your circles.  Find the center of the 12x12" paper, and using the compass, draw 2 or 3 circles out from the center, whatever size is fine.  I drew 2 circles.  They are just for visual - so you can tell if you are mounting the petals perfectly round.

Step 3: Start petaling!  I began on the outside, using glue dots to secure each petal flat on the paper.  I started with the light yellow paint chips, next row was light yellow and medium yellow alternating.  Next row in was all medium yellow.  Next row, medium yellow with the darkest yellow alternating.  Inside row, darkest yellow.  I added the mix of GRAY PETALS AFTER I WAS DONE WITH THE YELLOW.

The 3rd row in, I used one sticky-doo dot to raise up the row per petal.  The 5th and 6th rows, I used 2 and 3 stick-doo dots PER PETAL (on top of each other) to raise up the petals even further, to create the 3D look.

Make sure each petal is secure, frame, and viola!  Paint chip art :)

Paint samples: FREE!
Oval paper punch: $9
Sticky-doo dots: (4 sheets) $4
Glue dots ($2.40 with 40% off coupon)
12x12 cardstock: $.34 each
12x12 shadow frames: $10 each

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  1. Darling you rock! And I am soo proud of you on everything you are accomplishing!