Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Big Office Reveal!

Finally, the day has come! After much debacle with the fabric for my curtains, they are officially complete!  This will be a very shortened-version of the whole process, but I wanted to get the pictures posted for the big reveal.  I decided many many months ago that I wanted my office space to be done in a dark gray, navy, and blush pink palette.
After four years of wedding stationery design, I've seen a LOT of color combos, a LOT.  I have a few favorites: tangerine tango orange + purple, blush and gold, shades of champagne, but right now, hands down, I LOVE NAVY + GRAY + PINK.   I also chose to add accents of gold to the palette, to bring in a warmer feel.

The first step was to paint the office.  I chose DARK ASH, by Behr (770F-5).  It's a beautiful SLATE gray, rich and even, with a slight blue tint.

Next, we built the gallery shelves.  I followed the instructions from this website!  Easy peasy.

Then came the little details: vases, collage wall, mirrors and frames, and lastly CURTAINS!   Long story short, I purchased 6 yards of PREMIERE PRINTS "Fynn" in Navy & White (not "Cadet Navy"!!!) from everydaychic on Etsy, and white curtain liner fabric at JoAnns.  Both fabrics are 45" wide, perfect for the window I need coverings for.  I ironed and hemmed the top of each curtain panel, sewing the liner fabric in the hem inside out.  The lining fabric was then flipped right side out, so both unfinished sides of the fabrics were together.  I ironed and hemmed 1/2" on the sides of each curtain panel, along with a 2" hem at the bottom of the panels, folding the lining fabric into the folded hems before sewing.

(excuse my just-out-of-the-shower au natural look lol!

Without further ado, here is my home office!  It's so clean, relaxing, and girly!  But not too girly lol!  A couple of things still need to be finished: hubby needs to put his pewter miniatures into the case on the wall, and I need to finish updating my fish tanks (new light strips, etc).  But all in all, it's ready to rock and roll!


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