Monday, August 26, 2013

Latest Projects

It's been too long!  I've been SO SO busy with the house, design work, family, and general life.  I know, I haven't posted here for MONTHS.  Sad :( :(  Wanted to post a few pics of my latest projects!  I re-stained my spoon holders (hand made by my dad!) as they were looking very dated and faded.  They are solid oak, and my dad originally treated them with a natural stain, to allow the oak to show through.  I chose "Red Oak" stain by MinWax.  Sanded them lightly (hand sanded) with a fine grit paper, and gave them two coats of the stain.  I do still need to wax finish them to give them a protectant coat.

I'm also beginning the process of re-doing our home office!  We have a "catch-all" bedroom right now that needs to serve as a craft room and home office space.  I am IN LOVE with the Ikea Liatorp set, but definitely do not have the money to purchase the pieces :( :(  So I'm doing it DIY / budget style!  I spray painted our desk to white, made a cabinet door for the CPU unit opening, and have a wall paint color picked out.  See below BEFORE pic (GAG!!!):

I've selected DARK ASH, by Behr for the wall paint:
BEHR Premium Plus 8 oz. #770F-5 Dark Ash Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

behr dark ash

The curtains will go and be replaced by quatrefoil or other patterned LIGHT curtains; I'm also planning to buy another desk to re-do, to allow us space for two computers.  The IKEA Expedit in on my radar as well for the shelf space and crafting table room.

Desk re-do!  Simple, quick, and easy.  I used American Accents Rustoleum glossy white.  Two coats.  It's a bit uneven on the top of the desk (some places are very glossy, some aren't); if I had lightly sanded, it may have done better.
Cabinet door: 1/4" pressboard (cut to size) + baseboard moldings.  I nailed the molding to the pressboard, and filled in the cracks and spaces with

Stay tuned in the coming months for the full reveal!!

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